Apr 29, 2011

Tokyo Walking 1 東京ウォーキング

Since my work sends me all over this city and I often end up arriving early (especially when it's my first time going somewhere, there's a deepset paranoia there), plus I actually enjoy walking when the weather's nice.

As such, I've come across a lot of golden photo opportunities that don't seem to fit in any "category" in my blog. Also there are so many shots that just updating randomly doesn't seem viable either.

Thus, the Tokyo Walking Series was born! And this is the first part.

Simply put, it's a photo diary (more pics, less typing) of my meanderings in Tokyo, with interesting bits and bobs that I find along the way.

And what better way to start it off than by submitting it to Show Me Japan, which is back in the capable hands of Budget Trouble again? Don't forget to check out the other awesome entries this week in issue 23!
そしてこの初めの東京ウォーキングはBudget TroubleShow Me Japan参加です~。

Tokyo Walking 1 - In Which I get Stalked by Tokyo Sky Tree (April 25th, 2011)
東京ウォーキング第一回:東京スカイトリーはストーカーだ! (2011.04.25)

Surprisingly all taken on the same day.
The weather's been a bit weird lately.

The Weekly Bulletin, April 29th, 2011 ウイークリーアップデート


This week's update is almost exclusively all about me - Tokyo has made me a narcissist, oh no!
Actually, although that's partly true, I've just been too busy, barely home and my computer is on the blink. Which I also had to make worse. More on that later.

But to start...

Music, Fashion etc

My Saturday last week was spent poring over fashion posts. It was wonderful, like bulk buying 10 Vogue magazines and flipping through the pages while drinking tea and munching on mitarashi dango (my latest snack 'boom') and here are the highlights:
And because things are never as simple as they seem here, Sixh is not only a fashion brand (made up of MINT and IBI), but also a band. (Members: MINT (ba.), IBI (vo.), NARI (gu.) and YUU(dr.)).Here's a music clip with both bits combined - Sixh's song featuring MintNEKO in the video. d(^^ )

This track is "Full Moon", which I can't seem to get enough of lately.

My Stuff
  • I've been meeting up with people left, right and center in the past couple of weeks, most notably bloggers Miss Wave, Fredrik from Agepoyo and Ms Moon! Had an awesome time with each of them and will update more on those meetups later. I definitely feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to have met them and look forward to hanging out with them again soon! 色々な人と出会った、良かったです!特に他のブロガーMiss Wave、アゲポヨ!のFredrikとMs Moon. チョー楽しかった!もっと書く、後で。
  • I've been postponing posts for the last week and a half because my computer has kind of run out of steam. Although I've been busy as usual running around Tokyo for various work commitments, the little time I've spent at home would have been sufficient to post about my adventures except... my computer is currently taking about 20 minutes to do things that should take max 4 mins. (This is also why I've been slack on commenting other blogs too, I get frustrated and end up doing something else instead.) My brother kindly bought me some memory to solve this, but umm, I can't seem to remove the back piece to install it. So I'll be hunting down a computer shop and getting them to do it for me. I hope. コンピューターは凄く遅くなったので、あまりブログしなかった。兄ちゃんはメモリを買ってもらったけど、まだインストールが出来なかった。来週からかも?
  • My dear friend Moa from Sweden is coming to Japan TOMORROW! I'm totes excited!!! We'll be going to concerts and doing a whole heap of stupid things which I may or may not blog about after. 大好きな友達モアちゃんは日本に来てくれる!明日から!始めて日本に来るから、色々な楽しい(変な?)予定がある。チョー楽しみ!!!
  • Other than that I've been meeting new people (I'm popular with the local geriatrics it seems!), scaring those I know by changing styles daily (see below) and just working, working, working. Today I'm spending the day at home setting up future blog posts, cleaning, doing laundry and watching TV. I'm ecstatic over the fact that I can just be at home! Anyway, since this post is totally overdue I won't write anymore, but here are some pictures.  近くのおばあちゃん達と仲良しになった、嬉しい!仕事に行くとき、「こんにちは」と行ったら、「いってらっしゃい」の返事をくれる!ありがとう、ばあちゃん達!嬉しすぎ!今から「行ってきます」と言う! (T▽T)ノ おばあちゃん達は全然驚かないね、毎日のスタイル変わりのに、イェイ!(他の人凄くビックリだけどね、ふふふ~(^-^*)) 今日の一日は掃除したり、洗濯したりブログアップデートします~。
珍しい!チョーガーリーだ!Spring = girly
もっと普通の方 The usual(?)

そして先日、なんでだろう!髪の毛はホストっぽいになちゃった!何じゃこりゃ! Managed to get a host-kei look in hairwise completely by accident

Today's plan, hanging out with one of my housemates 今日の予定、このやつと遊び~

宮崎から手紙が届いた!嬉しい~ I got a letter from Miyazaki this week, whee!

Yup, in good company while working/blogging today 仲良しだね~ 

Have a great weekend, and for those of you in Japan, a great Golden Week!

 みんなは良い週末とゴールデンウイークをすごしてね~ (^▽^)ノ

    Apr 23, 2011

    Hot and Steamy うわ~暑っ!(;´▽`A

    This post is a part of the Show Me Japan project over at Budget Trouble, this week guest hosted by *meeee*! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
    このポストはBudget TroubleShow Me Japan参加です~ (あたしゲストホストだけどね~)

    Well now. This is going to be a Show Me Japan more in the style of Chris over at Confessions of a Bad Boy Japan perhaps, but it's something I feel has to be shown. All of it. (’-’*)

    Hur hur hur.

    Occasionally, Japanese women's magazine An-An will have a special edition focused on young, talented individuals: actors, singers, sportsmen, etc.

    城田優だ! イーケーメーン! Shirota Yuu, a half-Japanese/half-Spanish actor/singer
    Sensitive readers beware!

    Apr 22, 2011

    Show Me Japan Vol.1, Issue 22

    IMPORTANT: Please enter a link to a specific post on your blog, not a general link to your entire blog/website. Thank you!

    Yes, you're stuck with me again! Quit whining and start showing us Japan! ^^
    はい~またあたしだ!日本を見せてね~ ^^

    Welcome to the 22nd edition of Show Me Japan.
    第22回 Show Me Japan へようこそ。

    You can see previous editions here.
    前回の”Show Me Japan” エントリーはここです。

    FAQ page in English and Japanese is here.

    Below is a random selection of photos from last week’s participants.

    To find out more about Haikugirl's Japan fetishes, click on Buddha's butt.

    To see more of Japan from Australia, visit Japan Australia by clicking on the old cherry blossom tree.

    Need more speed? Click on the lopsided Shinkansen to find Bird's eye view of Japan.

    Jay Dee will show you more beautiful parts of Japan if you just click on the sakura

    And conversely, Bad Boy in Japan may show you The Other Side if you dare click on the dodgy shack.

    The widget to enter your links is at the end of this post – below the photos.
    ”Show Me Japan”にエントリーする際のリンクを貼るウィジェットはこの記事の一番下にあります。

    If you participate in Show Me Japan, please be so kind and include a link back to this blog in your post.
    エントリーしたポスト中で “Show Me Japan”のリンクを貼り忘れてないか確かめて頂けると幸いです。バッジに “Show Me Japan”のリンクを加えて頂ければ至極幸いここ極まれりです。

    Thank you for participating and have a wonderful weekend.


    And now it's your turn!!!
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    Apr 17, 2011

    Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku デザインフェスタギャラリー、原宿

    This post is a part of the Show Me Japan project over at Budget Trouble, this week guest hosted by *meeee*! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
    このポストはBudget TroubleShow Me Japan参加です~ (あたしゲストホストだけどね~)

    I was going to post an entry that's more of a "typical day in Japan" kind of thing, but then I realised that no days, at least none of mine, could ever be described as "typical" here.

    やっぱりあたしにとって、普通って言うか、がなんか...ない。( ´艸`)

    On the a-typical thread though, I decided to focus on the Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku, where the Tokyo-Harajuku Kawaii Festa was held last week. I'll be doing individual posts on the exhibits themselves eventually, but until then, here's the gallery - a piece of art (actually, many pieces!) in itself.


    ウエストのギャラリー(二つのビルあるよ!) This is the West Gallery (it's made up of two parts, West and East buildings)

    Apr 15, 2011

    Weekly Bulletin, April 15th 2011 ウィークリーアップデート

    Well it's not really been weekly of late, because I have been busy. Busy busy busy. And inbetween busy, I've been supertired and just tried to mentally settle in. I'm still trying to organise, reorganise and plan my schedule for the following weeks which would be a lot easier if I could get the correct information from certain places. Anyway. This one will be brief! (Probably.)

    Music Stuff
    • Girugamesh TV Vol. 2 will be streamed live online this Saturday April 16th, starting at 9pm JST. You'll be able to watch it on musicJAPANplus's top page. If you want to participate before and during the show and you have a Twitter account, use the hashtag #girugameshTV to tweet your questions to the band. Don't understand Japanese? Just follow the MJPTV English Twitter account. If you don't have Twitter, but still have a question to ask, you can always post on the forums. 今週の土曜日、4月16日「ギルガメッシュTV」Vol.2の生放送だよ~ musicJAPANplusで見れる、21時から。参加したい人(質問、コメントとか)はTwitterで#girugameshを使ってね~。
    • Next Wednesday involves more V-kei TV, this time with the long awaited SCREW TV Vol. 7 which had to be postponed due to last month's earthquake. These guys are already veterans and I'm sure so are most of you, but I'll post the details anyway: It's airing live on the MJP homepage on April 20th, 9pm JST. To participate/ask questions live and before the show, tweet #SCREWTV and follow the MJPTV English Twitter account for a live translation. SCREW TV Vol.7 もあるよ、4月20日21時から!いつもどおりMJPのホームページで見れると質問とコメントはTwitterで「#SCREWTV」を使ったらできることです!

    And that's all I'm covering for the proper stuff. 

    As for me...

    •  This week I'm guest hosting Budget Trouble's "Show Me Japan" again, so please take a look at everyone's awesome entries or submit your own! You don't have to be in Japan do to it, and it doesn't have to be a post or blog in English either! 今週、あたしはBudget TroubleShow Me Japanゲストホストだよ~是非みんなの素敵なエントリーを見てね~ 自分の日本を見せても!日本語でも全然オーケーです~
    • I checked out a Swedish event at the posh Legato in Shibuya earlier this week. Nice view and there were Ahlgrens Bilar. Win. スウェーデン人のイベントを見に行った、渋谷のレガートで。なんかゴージャスな感じでしょう?
    •  On my way home today from lunch with Daniel (who's visiting from Sendai - yes, Sendai!) I walked past what is now *my* Nakameguro Lounge, only to find some sort of event going on, with a guest list and everything. I was too lazy to ask what it was about, but I did take a photo. Props to me for that.今日は仙台で勉強してるの友達Danielとランチだった。帰って中、「私の」中目黒ラウンジで、これを見つけた。意味わかんないけど、ゲストリストまであったよ!なんか、面白そう~

    • I also bothered to take a picture of my super-lazy-casual-far-too-warm-for-this-weather outfit today, cor! Only featuring it cause I'm still so in love with my CocoLulu jaaaacket! <3 暑すぎだけど、やっぱこのココルルジャケット大~す~き~<3
    Gotta love the bars on my window, yeah?

    • Last but not least, outside LaForet yesterday I managed to pick up some free tissues featuring Otousan, the Softbank mascot and one of my favourite characters! Lucky! 昨日ティッシュを貰った!それは普通だけど、お父さんだったよ!好き~☆

    •  Oh, I lied. This is the last thing. I found and bought this adorable thing earlier today as well... Any guesses on what it is? これも買っちゃった~なんでしょうか、わかる? (^-^)

    Have a great weekend everyone! Any big plans? (Apart from Girugamesh TV, of course

    Show Me Japan, Vol.1 Issue 21

    IMPORTANT: Please enter a link to a specific post on your blog, not a general link to your entire blog/website. Thank you!

    Well, I suppose you all thought you were done with me, but alas, you thought wrong. I'm guest hosting Show Me Japan again this week and I hope you'll join us for the fun!
    またあたし!?残念ね~。( ´艸`)

    Welcome to the 21st edition of Show Me Japan.
    第21回 Show Me Japan へようこそ。

    You can see previous editions here.
    前回の”Show Me Japan” エントリーはここです。

    FAQ page in English and Japanese is here.

    Below is a random selection of photos from last week’s participants.

    Accidents can happen anywhere. Click on the cyclist to check out more at Tochigi Daily Photo
    For more daily life in Japan, click on the blue sky to reach Cocomino's blog

    For more videos on/about/in Japan, check out LifeyouTV.

    For more cute stuff (nope, that dog ain't real), click on the leash to get to Kawaii Culture

    Click on the kid's headdress to find more spectaculare shots from Bartman

    The widget to enter your links is at the end of this post – below the photos.
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    Thank you for participating and have a wonderful weekend.


    And now it's your turn!!!

    Show Me Japan Participants
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    2. lina
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    Apr 12, 2011

    Nakameguro Lounge 中目黒ラウンジ

    Last Saturday my friend Tomo, who I know back from my days in Osaka, and I met up in Nakameguro to have a gander at the cherry blossoms I saw earlier in the week with Kirin. They were definitely more in bloom, but unfortunately the pictures aren't as bright since the weather was rather blah.

    Someone was apparently overenthusiastic with their hanami partying... 誰かやりすぎた、花見中? ヾ(。`Д´。)ノ
    ・・・もう3時半ぐらいだったけど。 (゚ー゚;
    Anyway. So we were both totally starving and ran around looking for a decent place to eat lunch. Nevermind that it was already past 3.30pm. This is where the iPhone was almost handy, despite leading us astray a couple of times. Ahem. However, we finally found a great place, namely:

    Nakameguro Lounge!
    A really, really nice place - very stylish (bonus points) and they had wi-fi as well (extra bonus points!). The food was really good too, but since we were starving we ending up eating a little bit too much...

    取りあえずショット!私のコーヒー(美味しい、これ!)、ともちゃんのレモンソーダ(?)The "waiting for our food" shot. Really good coffee and lemon soda(?)

    ともちゃんのタコライス! Tomo got "tacorice" - basically the contents for tacos plus rice and an egg.
    あたし、オムライスの方!久しぶり!美味しかったわ~ Coffee and omurice for me! (Rice w/meat/sauce wrapped in an omelette)
     でもね、中目黒ラウンジはやばいよ!(  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;)
    デザートメニューで、3つを選べられる !(@^(∞)^@)ノ
    But the best part of this place is that you can pick 2-3 smaller portions of anything on the dessert menu and get a nice selection of different cakes! It took us ages to choose... ^^;
    あたしのチョイス:フルーツタルト、チーズケーキ、チョコブラウニー My selection: fruit tart, cheesecake and chocolate brownies

    ともちゃんは:ティラミス、チーズケーキ、生チョコタルト、二人ともの飲み物:クランベリージュース Tomo had tiramisu, cheesecake and a chocolate tart. We both went for cranberry juice.

    おいしそうでしょう~☆ Looks good, huh? It was. ;P

    かわいい!レシートが入れた。 Aww, the bill's inside a bolty thing!

    中目黒Loungeでした~ And that was Nakameguro Lounge!

    絶対また行く、たぶんノートと~♪ (^-^)b

    I'll definitely be going back, if only to catch a shot of the Spiderman up above the counter. Yes, a Spiderman. (^-^)b

    Apr 10, 2011

    Mini Hanami ミニ花見

    The other day I had an assignment in Otemachi, which is a central business district here in Tokyo, as well as home to the Imperial Palace. Paranoid over rush hour trains and uncertain of commute time (despite checking beforehand), I got there an hour early. So what's a girl to do? Well, my first thought was to find a coffee shop, but this proved harder than expected (apparently they're all *inside* all the corporate la-dee-dah buildings instead of on the street. Whodathunkit?

    だけど、なんか、心配で(通勤ラッシュ) 、一時間前に着いちゃった。( ̄~ ̄;)

    Anyway. Since I couldn't find a decent coffee anywhere, I made use of the time by doing a mini hanami outside the Imperial Gardens:

    This last picture is the view of the gardens from the office building I was in that day - some prime real estate or what?

    Not a bad way to start the morning, huh?
    なんか、悪くないね、朝からこの景色~☆ (^-^)b

    Would have been even nicer with a coffee, though.
    でもやっぱ、コーヒー飲みながら一番良かったと思う (T^T)

    P.S. Here's Kirin's rendition of our GDO the other day.

    Apr 8, 2011

    MYV's on Tour 雅さんはツアー中

    ..but he's been busy outside of concerts, interviews and fashion shoots.

    MYV's been collecting encouraging messages for Japan from every country he's been touring in and posting them up on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.
    Today's was really sweet though, as it was from his eldest daughter. Awwwww.

    Then there's this awesome acoustic version of "WHAT'S MY NAME":
    しかもこの動画はフランスで撮った、「WHAT’S MY NAME」チョー”Funky”バージョン:

    He's also been tweeting back and forth with GACKT, in English. For some reason, this amuses me greatly. ^^
    そしてGACKTさんとつぶやきをして、英語で! (^^*)

    Apr 7, 2011

    GDO - Great Day Out いい一日だった!

    Wednesday was my first full "day off" since my arrival to Tokyo. It's been a whirlwind of interviews, orientations, first days at work and temporary homelessness, all packed into short and intense seven days. So it was with gratitude and utter joy that I had the opportunity to spend most of the day with Kirin from Tokyo Kawaii, Etc on what turned out to be a spectacular warm Spring day.
    バタバタだね。 ε=ε=ε= ヾ(*~▽~)ノ
    だから凄くよかった、 Tokyo Kawaii, Etcキリンさんと一緒にその一日過ごした。 o(^▽^)o

    We walked around Nakameguro, which has one of the most famous hanami (cherry blossom viewing) spots in Tokyo, along the Meguro River. Don't believe me? Here are the photos to prove it:

    Apr 6, 2011

    First Days in TKY, the Expansion Pack 東京、慣れるかな?

    I’ve already done a wee bit of a summary on my first days in Tokyo, but it was hashed together rather quickly and under heavy distraction and lack of sleep. So I figured a round 2 was in order. More on my impressions, less on actual happenings. Huzzah for yet another a-typical blog post.


    There are some nice spots, if you know where to find them. Roppongi Hills

    *Oh. My. God. There are a lot of foreigners here. It freaks me out. I know that’s messed up, but let’s call it culture shock. The amusing part is that after the “FlyJin” syndrome, there are supposedly a lot fewer foreigners (compared w/ pre earthquake/Fukushima scare Tokyo) around. Huh.


    *I’m walking everywhere. I already mentioned this, but I really am walking everywhere – even inside subway stations because most of the escalators are turned off to save energy. It’s fine in sneakers, not so much fun in heels. But I figure it’s good exercise.

    毎日たくさん歩く!いいことだと思う!疲れるけど、特にハイヒールを履くとき。でもいい運動!もうすぐ痩せるね!モデルさんになるかも! (冗談よ!)

    *How is it possible that I have *constant* issues trying to get a wi-fi connection to check my phone email/stay in touch with people throughout the day when I’m in a city of millions of people? I never had this problem in the inaka and it irks me to no end. Especially now. I’m in Starbucks (mmm, got a free coffee thanks to the voucher I got with my tumbler) and internetless, typing this draft in Word. Yuck much?


    TKY Tower
    *People in Tokyo walk really, really, really, really slowly. I’ve noticed this one previous visits, but for some reason it shocks me each time. Seriously? People are “so busy” and yet they have time to dally and drag their feet on the street/at stations? Shoo, you’re in my way!


    *I love the fact that I’m surrounded by cute, interesting shops and fashionable people. It’s like I’m being constantly inundated with inspiration and happiness and all things fluffy. And stuff. Oh, and all the cute guys are a super big bonus too.


    スウェーデン人はこれを読んで、「面白い」と思ってかも? "Askul"の意味は「めっちゃ楽しい」 Sorry, not funny if you don't read Swedish, but it seems like a great place to work! (Askul = in slang, "really fun!")

    *I keep meeting the most interesting, inspiring and fascinating people. My living situation has worked out to be so much better than I could ever have imagined. I’m still settling in and trying to figure the area out, so I’ve not had a chance to unpack or just “be” at home much yet, but so far so great. Especially because of this little character:


    *I found a cute little Miyazaki-style restaurant near my house and have decided I’m going there really soon. I thought about going during the weekend, but it’s not like I’d been away long enough to “miss” Miyazaki food yet, so I thought it would be best to wait a bit. ;P


    *I’m really excited about my new life here. Everything is still up in the air, but I have a good feeling about the future, and during a job orientation one of my new bosses told my fortune (yeah, I know, right?) and confirmed that everything is going to be A-okay.


    *I really, really, really miss everyone from “back home” (trans: Miyazaki ;)) already, but I know they’ll visit, as will I, so I’m not too worried.


    *I’m currently working on some bigger plans both blog-wise and work-wise which I’m hoping will work out. It’s scary stuff when you’re trying to go it alone, but one step at a time, I guess.


    *Finally I’d like to finish off with a big thank you to everyone who has touched my life in any way. Past, present and even future. Thank you. I realise I’m sounding pretty mushy and la-dee-dah right now; it could be the excessive amounts of coffee I’ve been ingesting lately, or perhaps the mild aftershock I think I’m feeling... or maybe it’s just something I don’t say enough. So I’ll say it again. To everyone, even you who’s reading this blog and lurking without making any comments (hint hint! ;)), thank you. Thank you!

    最終の言葉:みんなにありがたい~!一回だけ会ったも、会った事ない人にも、感謝です。本当に。コーヒーを飲みすぎたかも?先の地震を気を付いたからかも?(笑) 実はその言葉足りないね。じゃ、もう一回言えばいいかな?ありがとう~!本当に、ありがとう!

    P.S. And noooo, my fluffy words are not a prelude to me going off top myself or anything like that. Shame on you for even thinking the thought!

    P.P.S. Despite all my pictures being from Roppongi this go-around, it is in *no way* the area I mean when I say I'm inspired by shops, people etc. I don't dislike the area buuuuut....yanno. It's not "me". Daikanyama on the other hand, is. Very much so. <3