Jun 27, 2014

Ichigoichielove has moved!

...to the fancier http://ichigoichielove.com!

I decided that this blog wasn't really working for me, and although it's been great, I needed something new and fresh! I hope you'll join me at the new blog. ^^

New posts will be updated there from now on, and old posts will slowly be moved over there as well.
I'll be popping everything else into private mode on this one, so any old posts and info will only be accessible on the new site! (If you have any requests, feel free to let me know.)

Hope to see you all at the new site! ^^

http://ichigoichielove.com に移動します〜!

古いポストもすこしずつ移動しますので、少々お待ちくださいね ^^