Mar 30, 2011

Pass me the tarp please?

Blue's fine, but if you have one in pink, I'd appreciate it.

I've arrived in Tokyo and despite appearances (i.e. the fantastic view from a wobbling 14th floor. No really, it's totally wobbling. I'm getting kinda dizzy) I am temporarily homeless.
Buuuuut, better homeless and living in style than with a home that's overrun with filth and with a complete lack of organisation/planning/common sense.

So if anyone has any offers or tips or knows anyone who needs a room mate (pref in West/SouthWest area of Tokyo. I may be homeless, but I'm still fussy), or where I can get some sturdy tarp to set up my own little homeless shelter in a park, I'd like to know.

Email me, leave a comment and wish me luck for my job interviews tomorrow. ;)

P.S. Despite the odd turn of events I am elated over being back in Tokyo and all the cute boys are definitely good mood boosters. ^^)b

Mar 29, 2011

See You in Summer また夏、




行ってきます~! ♪(´∀`)

I'm off to Tokyo tomorrow. Of course with the current situation, I'm a little bit concerned. But not overly. And certainly not very worried. Nor should you be. Either way, I'm leaving my home of a brief, but wonderful 7 months...and I'll be coming back this summer for some serious beach action! I missed the season last year, I'm not going to miss it again. Will write more upon arrival in TKY, after I've grown a third arm that will allow me to type much faster and more effectively.

'til then, have a good one and remember - life, like cherry blossoms (or plum, as the case may be) is brief and fragile. Make the most of it before you flutter away.

Eww, that was like, totally cheesy.

Mar 25, 2011

Searching for... 春は・・・



Last week I was ill, but I was damned if I was going to have a vacation day and stay at home the whole day, so I took a mini road trip to search for signs of Spring. Given that we were just past halfway into March, I figured there would be a few. There were, but they were hard to find. I'm a bit short on time this week so no waffling (bet you're all pleased about that!), but here's what I found:


山だ! Mountain...

Molehills, haaa haa haa. 辞書でこのこと見つけられない~
ここに上った Climbed up here
Of course there were ash piles all the way up やっぱり灰だらけ、どこでも!(ノ◇≦。)
まだあまり緑じゃないね And saw this: still pretty barren
And found this! Empty! A situation that needs to be taken advantage of!  これを見つけた!一人だったから、ちょっと遊んでみてと思った・・・
Choco enjoys the...ball swingy thing. ・・・でもチョコちゃん方が速かった。つるっ!(゜д゜;)

楽しそうけどね~あたしも遊んだけど、チョコちゃんは写真を撮ること・・・下手糞!( ´艸`) Looks fun! :P
On the way down, I finally found some flowers! やっと花を見つけた!

ちょっと池をもっと見た。 Decided to take a closer look at the pond and found...

Tadpoles!!! オタマジャクシだ!((◎д◎ ))

Tons of them!!! いっぱいいる!

Seriously though, when was the last time *you* saw a tadpole!? No innuendo please. なんか、最後にこと物を見たはいつかな~小学生ころ?
公園から、また探す中! Left the park and hunted the fields instead

And finally, results!!! やっと見つけた!o(^▽^)o
ああ、やっぱり春が来たね。Ahh, finally a "real" sign of Spring.

良い週末を~ Have a great weekend, everyone!

This post is a part of the Show Me Japan project over at Budget Trouble
(Although this week I'm guest hosting it!)
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Mar 24, 2011

Show Me Japan Vol.1, Issue 19

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Well, as I'm sure you've already noticed, this week's Show Me Japan is a liiiittle bit different!
I'm guest hosting this week's SMJ (and I've already started violating it by creating an acronym, ick!) to keep this wonderful project on track for its 19th consecutive week.
今週のShow Me Japanはちょっと違うだね~。
今回のパーソナリティーは・・・あたしだ!(拍手) (///∇//)

Big props to Anna and Yoshi over at Budget Trouble to keep it going even in the face of adversity.
Shame on me in advance for things done that probably will remove me from any future guest hosting opportunities.

Budget Troubleは18回、毎週、せっかくこのプロジェクトを著した。凄いでしょう!(拍手)(゚∀゚*)ノ

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Welcome to the 19th edition of Show Me Japan. 
第19回 Show Me Japan へようこそ。

You can see previous editions here. 前回の”Show Me Japan” エントリーはここです。

FAQ page in English and Japanese is here.

Below is a random selection of photos from last week’s participants.
(This week "random" has a new definition: Dictator Lisa's whim and fancy.)
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Thank you for participating and have a wonderful weekend.


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Mar 21, 2011

The Weekly Bulletin, March 21st 2011 アップデート


Ummm. What a week. I've delayed this post for far too long as I was feeling under the weather and consequently decided to do a bit of internet fasting along the way. I've not really posted anything, nor commented on other people's blogs (I'll be catching up soon, promise!) for almost a week. That's like eons in internet-land. The main reason is that when I get sick, I get cranky. Like vicious, angry, I-hate-the-world-and-thus-you-too emo angry kid style. Which, I hope goes without saying, isn't like me at all. I just really hate being sick. Some people get whiny, I get nasty. So I've been holed up at home when not at work, rehashing Gossip Girl season 1. (There's nothing like living vicariously through other girls acting out on their evil bitchy whims to release some of that frustration).

あたし・・・ 起こってる。

But, although most of this post *is* about me, let's start with the big stuff:

In case any of you have managed to miss what's going on, here's a brief summary:

But the story that really got to me (read: made me cry) involved, of course, animals:

Last week I would have said that Kyushu has been largely untouched by all of this (in a practical, daily life kind of way), but when I dropped by the supermarket this morning I found out that I was wrong. The usual *huge* stockpile of cardboard boxes by the cashier counter was empty! EMPTY! I'm talking a virtual Tokyo Tower (or Sky Tree, whatever your preference) of cardboard boxes just waiting to be taken away... gone! Obviously there have been a lot of care packs and supplies sent up north. Hurray for that! Also, the bottled water section was half empty - I don't know if this is due to paranoia or supply sending, but it kind of weirded me out, especially since my favourite water was completely out of stock. (I like Kirishima's best because it has about 3 times the amount of magnesium as other brands.) But other than that, nothing new here.

偽者!!!じゃないけど・・・好きな水がなかった The not-as-great replacement. Still relatively local though.

This is the good stuff! これ美味しいよ!

ひどすぎる。( p_q)


Or is there? Read on to find out!

Mt. Kirishima

...on one of the relatively rare clear days we've had. Even though we've had some sunshine, it's been pretty hazy here. Actually, looking at the pics it's still hazy, but at least you can see the troublesome bugger. (^^)b

This post is a part of the Show Me Japan project over at Budget Trouble
このポストはBudget TroubleShow Me Japan参加です~

Shinmoedake has been relatively quiet lately, though there have been a few puffs of ash landing on my car and there's still a fair amount of ash on the roads that needs to be cleared up.

But more on that later! For today, here's Mount Kirishima in the sun. ^^

It's that pointy thing over yonder!

My iPhone's zoom is shockingly bad, so...

I took the same shots with my digicam. I'm going to miss seeing so much sky!

Admittedly not much better. I blame the haze.

Short and sweet this time, got lots more I want to post/show/tell, but given last week's bout of flu/cold/whatever combined with packing and me oh-so-intense social calendar (makes me sound sooo important, right?) it'll have to wait!

P.S. As this post indicates, I am not dead, zombiefied, washed away, have not succumbed to radioactive waves and mutated into an awesome crimefighting superhero (pity), nor have I been buried in ash by rogue Yakuza members, been eaten by werewolves, fallen through a crack in the Earth caused by the earthquake or any other strange rumours that may or may not have appeared while this blog was untouched for the past few days. Just thought I'd make that clear in case anyone was worried. (^^)b

Mar 14, 2011

Life is All Right

I wasn't going to post tonight, but I was reading Kiryuin Sho's latest blog post and had to put this up.
If you read the blog you'll find out more about various Japanese artists' efforts to help/show support with earthquake/tsunami relief. (It's all in Japanese though, sorry!) The song is in Japanese as well, but!!! Have a listen to it anyway, because I'm sure you'll understand the basic jist of it from the chorus. o(^-^)o

さすがキリショー! o(T-T)o

Thank you!

Mar 12, 2011

Going to the Beach...or not. 海だ!・・・じゃない?

出発、ワイ! о(ж>▽<) Ready for adventure!
Last Sunday I went to Kagoshima.

(Yes, again, I know. Sorry Miyazaki, I've not been giving you much love lately, even though you so desperately need it. I love you, really. I just need All that ash, you know? You know I care, I just don't want to be with you all the time. It's me, not you. Really!)

And the plan was, because the weather had been pretty warm/sunny/beautiful/amazing lately, to go to the beach! I love being by the ocean and the beach. It's my いい場所 (iibashyou - good place). Saturday was a perfect example of the fantastic weather: the sun was shining, the breeze was warm... it was perfect!

Sunday was. Sunday was.... HORRIBLE. In Sweden we say "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes" (this is a proverb I've had issues with all my life for various reasons) but no, this was definitely bad, bad weather. The rain was pelting it down *all* day and it was just cold, miserable, windy and wet. beach.
Instead, we went to Round 1! Now for those of you outside of Japan, let me tell you that this is truly an exceptional place. And perfect for rainy days like the one last Sunday.
But first....


Earthquakes and the Aftermath


Well as most of you know, there was a huge earthquake that hit the Tohoku region yesterday. The aftermath of that caused a huge tsunami to hit the northeastern coast, and there are still a fair amount of after shocks being reported there and down in Tokyo. Nuclear emergencies and warnings to avoid all coastal areas have been issued. People are stranded, suddenly homeless, hurt, frightened, hungry, and as some reports have confirmed, dead. Relief missions are already in full force.

My heart goes out to those affected by this in any way. The devastation is truly unfathomable and unfortunately its true magnitude won't become clear for a couple of months yet.

I'm grateful that my friends who are in Tokyo (and one friend who's studying in Sendai but wasn't there now when the earthquake/tsunami hit) have all gotten back in touch with me are safe and well enough, considering the circumstances. Also that other friends and their families seem to be alright as well.

Japan is certainly geographically exciting these days. ^^;

We had our fair share of excitement here in Miyazaki over the past few months: bird flu, volcanic eruptions and last year, foot-and-mouth disease. This time though, we lucked out. I half-noticed the earthquake report while at the post office doing some errands, but didn't think much of it. I didn't catch the magnitude of it at the time, and it was before the aftershocks and the tsunami. So I was surprised to get a swarm of calls and messages of concern asking if I was okay, and to please stay away from coastal areas (the latter one was from my office).

In typical "me" fashion and mid-shopping/errand doing wondered why people were bothering me with such silly questions. I mean, everything was normal, right? Or so I thought until I trotted back home and was inundated with more messages of concern on Facebook, Twitter, Skype and my email inbox....and then turned on the TV. It feels completely unreal and yet it's one of those moments that stays with you forever. You know who you were with, remember exactly where you were when it happened.

And yet, terrible as it may be to say, life goes on as normal here. I may be in Japan, but I may as well be on the other side of the Earth given how this is directly affecting my daily routine. Sorry to disappoint the reporters emailing me for news from people directly affected by the quake! (I'm sorry too - I wouldn't have minded a TV/radio interview or two. Where were you all when the volcano blew its top off eh? (Yes, I'm shallow..and only human after all ^^;))

Although I will do what I can to help through thoughts and support, hoping and praying there is no more damage or devastation than has already been caused... Which, isn't enough, I know but...what is enough?

This is where I might have people going after my head. Because although I believe it's important to keep up to date with the happenings and help as much as possible (Twitter has been a fantastic example of helping people via retweets! It's been heartwarming and inspiring to see people forwarding news, information and helpful sites - everyone has been doing it, from salaryman to bands, artists and politicians), I think it's also important not to be saturated with news reports on it every minute of the day.

So to those of you that are concerned but perhaps not directly affected, or not waiting on news from friends and family in the devastated areas, please do tear yourself away from the news reports every so often. Do read something else. Remember that this is an awful, horrifying thing, but more importantly, as selfish as it sounds:

Be grateful. Be grateful for the fact that you have good health, a warm place to sleep, food to eat (like Mister Donuts' pon-de-ring), family to love, friends to share good times with, music to be inspired by, decent Internet to allow friends and family to contact you instantly no matter where you/they are in the world.... be grateful to be alive.

If any of the above doesn't fit with your life, then change it accordingly. If something is okay, but could be better, maybe now is the time to change it. It shouldn't take something like a huge natural disaster to remember this and I hate sounding like I'm lecturing, but it's truly a reminder that not only is there no time like the present, there is no time but the present.

Do the things you want to do, the things you're scared to do. Life is too short and too fragile to be wasted sitting in front of the TV eating potato chips and whining about not wanting to go to work/school tomorrow.
The only person in control of your life is you. Do what it takes to do what you dream about and stop making excuses. You really don't know what will happen next week, tomorrow, in ten minutes. You think you do, but as we've seen recently, nature often tells us otherwise.

This post suddenly feels a bit... heavy. I'll finish with a short summary: Do what you can to help the earthquake and tsunami victims. Send thoughts, prayers, money, volunteers, relief aid. Don't saturate yourself with minute-by-minute updates on the news. It helps no one. Do be grateful for what you do have. For what you don't have but want, do your utmost to get there/it. Don't make excuses.

I'll leave you with the lyrics for a track from 雅-MIYAVI-'s latest album, "UNIVERSE":

Once you close your eyes, you can see.
Once you break your arms, you can touch.
Once you cut your legs, you can fly.
Once you kill you breath, you can feel yourself alive.

Who blindfolds your eyes is you
Who straps up your wings is you
Who drags down your legs is you
Who rules out your dreams is also you.

Everything that's chaining you comes from your own inner world.

Break yourself free from your mind
Liberate your feet from the bind
Once you get yourself released, there is the universe.

We're all just now dancing on the floor in a long long human history.


Break yourself free from your mind
Liberate your feet from the bind
Once you get yourself released, there is the universe.

Now open your eyes, you are in nowhere. 

I honestly couldn't say it better.

Now that all that serious stuff is out of my system, here's something completely different! ...I also hate posts without pictures:

Small/Silly/Trivial Things I'm Grateful for Today

My friend Linda (the talented artist) sent me a belated birthday present this week! Thank you Linda!!!

The photo doesn't do it justice, but I love this bracelet!

MAC! "Electric Eel" - will be trying it this weekend
I got this "free" when I bought some tea. I have a weird obsession with folders. I'll tell you all about it sometime. There were several to choose from, but of course I picked the one with sweets...
Of course the back's cute too!
Here's the tea I bought to get it. I usually get the one on the left - it's really "smooth". The one on the right is a new one from the same company - yet to try it.
I love these things normally but hadn't tried the matcha flavoured one. They were "meh". I love matcha candy, but this was at best so-so.

Hoping you're all safe, happy and moving closer towards your dreams. My thoughts are with you and I'm hoping for the best for you. (Yes, even if I don't know you.) <3

Mar 11, 2011


Regarding the earthquake, I'm perfectly fine and perfectly safe - far, far away from anything that's going on (I'm also up in the mountains, nowhere near the coast). Miyazaki is truly at the end of Japan. ^^;

I hope everyone in the affected areas is safe and well. My thoughts are with you!




Mar 10, 2011

The Weekly Bulletin, March 10th, 2011 ウイークリーアップデート

It's that time of the week again!
今回、ウィークリー アップデートは初めて日本語で書いた!
(実は先週からつもりだったけど・・・ 怠け者だな~)


My Stuff!
  • I'm moving to Tokyo at the end of this month! Although I've known it for a while and I've mentioned it it some people, I've not been able to say anything officially. But it's been announced at work, so it should be okay here too. The 30th of March is D-Day, wish me luck! Actually I was feeling a little bit stressed out over it all the other day, but my dear friend Linda drew me an awesome "pick-me-up" that she emailed to me today. She knows I don't usually get emo easily (and certainly not for long) Thank yooooou!!!  東京に引っ越す!まぁ、秘密じゃなかったけど、いまからオフィシャルだ!3月30日!でもちょっと不安があったので、落ち込んだ、先週。でもリンダちゃん(スウェーデンの友達はいい人だから、応援絵を貰った! ありがとう、ちょうアゲポヨ!:
I'm the one with the Chopper tee (obviously!) and my knight in shining armour? "J rocker of your choice, I just copied the hair" - Linda knows me too well. ^^; あたしはチョッパーTシャツを着るのやつ。(もちろん!笑)男は・・・「誰でも。好きなバンドメンバーかな?あたしは髪の毛のことだけを考えたよ!」リンダと行った。分かりやす過ぎる、あたし!
  •  I found this video via Drop Dead Cute. Cute, hilarious and EVIL. Fantastic combo, reminds me of the Little Book of Bunny Suicides. これやべっ!可愛いし、面白いし、スゲーひどい!(笑):

  • I got a bit creative this week and posted a doodle I did via my instagram account this week, explaining the difference between how I view myself vs other people. If you can't read Japanese, just guess which one is me たまにあたしは他の人と比べる。今週、ちょっと絵を描いた・・・:
のんびりだな~ ^^; Yeah, I think it's pretty obvious which one's me.
  •  We also got some funky samples at work in time for pollen allergy/hay fever season. Yup, masks aren't just for viruses! かわいい花粉症マスクだね:

And that just about does it for me this week. I have plenty of other stuff I'd like to post, but I'll be doing separate posts for those. (^-^)


Mar 8, 2011

the GazettE at Tokyo Dome ガゼットの東京ドームライブ

The Rest of the Story!

This post has been...seriously delayed. Apologies for that. But it's here now, just in time for the start of their fan club only tour! Yay! (^^)/

ごめん、本当に日本語で書きたかったけど・・・ (-_-;)

First of all, I'd like to direct you to a particularly amazing live report that was written on that day. It's extra awesome, since I wrote it. But...I know that my writing is still a work in progress, so I'd really appreciate your feedback! Please leave a comment or email me with your thoughts!

Now that that's been said, here's the rest of the Tokyo Dome story, complete with photos!
(=long queues, band merchandise and notes I took during the show that aren't considered "professional", including: Aoi fangirling and irrelevant portrayal of my neighbours in the arena. ^^)

Mar 2, 2011

The Weekly Bulletin, 2nd March 2011

Okay, so I have a fair amount of updates, even though last week's post was delayed until Saturday. But.
First things first.
There are important announcements to be made.
The first of which is.....

I AM A WINNER!!!!!!!
And I don't mean that in one of those goofy self-esteem pumping ways (although that's normally how it works with me...), but I am, an actual, dictionary definition winner!

Dictionary definition:

1. a person or thing that wins; victor.
Yeah, you didn't think I'd actually go that far, did ya?
Anyway. About two weeks ago, Kawaii Culture announced a giveaway on her blog! I, being a total sucker for all things cute (and a bigger sucker for all things FREE!) entered. I didn't really think I would win, but it's always nice having a little something to be excited about. The giveaway was an item of your choice from KawaiiCulture's Etsy Shop. I chose this adorable Ice Cream Cone with Pink Rhinestones pendant. It's pink, it's sweet, it sparkles - a winner all round. Actually it was a toss up between the cone and the crepe pendant, but in the end, pink won. And so did I! (Yup, I'm going to be riding this one for quite some time!) Do check out the link, as there's a cute video of the selection process. Yours truly is the awesome last draw from the tin. (I do have a knack for drama, eh?)

Soooooooo, now that all the important stuff is out of the way, onto the usual news bits!