Dec 29, 2010

宮崎へ帰った! Back to Miyazaki!

Am welcomed back to Miyazaki by the governor himself!

Dec 28, 2010

Back to Yoyogi Park 代々木公園に戻った

Edit: this post is from yesterday (same day as this one), but since I totally suck at trying out new settings (posting via email this time) it didn't go through.
Had to drop by the bridge again as more the GazettE fans gathered. It seems everyone was at the Dome last night. ^^

やっぱりルキさんとれいた君は人気も んだね。
Ruki and Reita are def the most popular when it comes to cosplaying, though they're not always the personal favourites of the cosplayers themselves.
ルキ    Ruki
 Inspired by the music video "COCKROACH".

Ruki and Reita - ルキとれいた

 Ruki from the "Guren" vid and Reita...always looks a bit like that doesn't he? :P If someone can pinpoint the exact vid, I'd appreciate it. ^^
ルキは「紅蓮」のPVから、れいたは・・・いつもその通りじゃないの?( ̄~ ̄;)

ファンが少ない。やっぱり月曜からね。Not so many people - definitely Monday.
The bridge was probably teeming with the GazettE fans on the 25th and 26th. Partly because it was before the show, and partly because it would have been the weekend. 

Dec 27, 2010

兄ちゃんのはじめてのプリクラ! Bro meets Purikura

My brother has arrived in Japan! And to welcome him, we did the most important stuff first: dinner, followed by purikura!


Tokyo Ska Paradise and The Kiddie adorn the side of Marui One in Shibuya. ^^

C.C. Lemon Hall

No, this picture is NOT lopsided. YOU are!

Where I'll be tonight.
Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall
There are actually quite a few ViViD fans hanging around in the area even though the show's not for another 5 hours. O.o

Ruki! ルキだ!

The GazettE cosplay in Harajuku. Not many people out today (yet) but since yesterday was a special day (what with Tokyo Dome and all) I'm sure there'll be more the GazettE fans incoming.
Kazuyukiさん was kind enough to do a Ruki-esque pose for me. ^^
(Her outfit is the same as Ruki's from the "SHIVER" music video.)


Meiji Jingu 明治神宮

Outside Meiji jingu now ^^
明治神宮に行きます~ ^^

Breakfast 朝ごはん

Leisurely start to the day with an awesome 和食 (わしょく / Japanese style) breakfast.
Will mosey on down to Shibuya and Harajuku after thus for some window shopping.

Dec 26, 2010

the GazettE Pass Card Holder

Decided to spoil myself with this passcard holder from the GazettE's Tokyo Dome tour final after seeing how cute it was up close!! ^^
Can't get a good shot of the text, but it's awesome (not to mention actually grammatically correct!)

Although I spotted a typo afterwards...Noooooo

On my way home from the dome, there were about 30-40 bands on the way to the station handing out flyers and demo CDs. All guys, all visual kei. Totally professional pics too! Will show those later. Until then, here's one band that was so popular they ran out if flyers. So they let me take a pic of one instead. I also like their name: Crazy Shampoo ^^

After the Show

Suffice to say, they totally rocked out Tokyo Dome. 

TKY Dome City

Killed some time over at Tokyo Dome City before going to the venue. PLEDGE was on loud and clear in quite a few of the shops. Guess everyone's getting into it today.^^


The HERESY Goods Place

Only available on location on the day, with a special postcard. ^^
HERESY members goods, only available at Tokyo Dome today. Not mine, mind you. ><;

the GazettE are Everywhere... どこでもガゼット!

Restaurant near the dome advertising the GazettE ! They're playing music and live DVDs.

遠い!Still Far!

Still a bit to go... O.o

Nice View at Least

Awesome theme park at Tokyo Dome City, not in line for that though!

The Line is Long. 長っ! ((+_+))

Insane line for the gazette tour goods


OMG they (Tokyo Dome) got it wrong!!!! Noooooooo!!! ((((;゜Д゜)))))))

ガゼットの名前を間違えたよ!  ((((;゜Д゜)))))))

Dec 25, 2010

the GazettE in Shibuya ^^

This is placed at the most famous pedestrian crossing/intersection in Shibuya (and poss the world? :P)

そして葵さんは一番上~ (^-^*)

Dec 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
God Jul och Gott Nytt År! 
Joyeux Noël et Bonnes Fêtes!
Fröhliche Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch!

from me to you!

Curry Fair

This post is a part of the Show Me Japan project over on Budget Trouble.

Although I did/saw a ton of fun stuff this past weekend, some of which may possibly make a more interesting post (such as nabe with friends, stuff I bought, that weird cat in the front passenger seat of the car next to mine staring at me wildly, the guy shaving his face will driving with a Bic razor....) than this, I have no photos as evidence. Woe. And that would make a pretty pitiful entry for "Show Me Japan", would it not?

"Show me Japan!"
"Okay, here's a bunch of garbled text with no pictures!"

You see my point.
Anyway! While shopping in Miyazaki city, we did come across something a little bit different. A curry fair! Whee! Well, I say "fair", it was more like a temporary stall set up in the middle of the mall with an unusual amount of "exotic" Japanese curry from different areas of the country. Anyways, to see what I'm on about, click on the purple linky thing below the lovely picture of myself in front of the oversize TV/house/Christmas decoration.

このポストはBudget Troubleの「Show Me Japan」プロジェクトの参加です~。
色々ことした~ ^^


TV/House/Christmas Decoration - which is it?

Dec 23, 2010

Weekly Summary Doo Dah

Why stop a good thing?
Here's this week's news, including a whole bunch of stuff I forgot last week. Oops.

Fashion and Music


My Stuff

  • I'm sure this hasn't escaped anyone's attention. I got my hair cut on Saturday, and restyled it on Sunday. After that it's been a huge frizzy mess, but that's pretty much standard.
  • Last night was work's End of Year party. I don't have any pics from the event, but the venue was amaaaaaaazing:

  • Also, I won a prize at the party! Yay me! ^^ 500 Yen, woo!

  •   Again I've been getting wonderful gifts in the post! Thank you Jean, Linda and Satomi-sensei! (The pretty card, notepad and sakura flower are from Satomi-sensei. The eye mask is from Jean. The foundation and eye primer from Make Up Store (one of my favourite brands back home!!) is from Linda.) Thank yoooooooooooooooooou!!! ^^

  • I also picked up my new glasses. For some reason the colour ended up a bit wonky, but they look something like this - super cute!

  • I finally started to try to get the hang of Flutterscape and now have some stuff there for sale. If you'd like to request something, do it via the site or email me - my address is above to the left. ^^
  • The End of Year party's second party was a three hour karaoke stint this time. I did the usual stuff I like, as well as an enka song. ;P to describe: the French have chanson, the Swedes have dansband... Japan has enka. It's not traditional per se, mostly old people like it and there's some rather odd stuff that tends to appear. The pictures below aren't enka, but a singer from about 20 years ago. I forget her name (I wasn't singing this track), but her outfit is...uhh...different:

  •  Adam and I tried another round of purikura and it ended up being a puriFAILURE. At least on my part. Well, Adam had one bad shot as well. Woe. Naturally we had our usual "Ooh I love my coat/outfit/hat in this one" conversation. :P Anyway, these turned out okay at least:

  • I'm off to Tokyo for a few days on Saturday; will probably try blogging on the go, but not sure how that'll turn out. So it'll either be really quiet here, or it'll be a big hot mess! Something to look forward to? I dunno. Have a good one! ^^

More Hair また髪か

Again, my haircut from Saturday, but styled more to my liking on Sunday. Why? Because my dad, who although he doesn't comment on my blog, still likes to air his opinion, said something along the lines of: "What are you taking photos of yourself with? It looks weird. Unnatural. Is the problem the camera you're using, or the object you're taking the picture of?" (T^T)

ひどい!ヒドイ過ぎる父さん! (T^T)

Better? 父さん!これ!どうだ!?

Dec 20, 2010

チョッパー過ぎる! ChopperX4

In an earlier post I mentioned that I was going to order a cute Chopper Bento kit via 7-Eleven. On Friday, it arrived! I can now add it to my Chopper 'pile'. I hate to say it, but yes, it's turning into a collection of Chopper character goods (I have that cute Chopper iPhone sticker as well, remember?). He's too cute to resist!! I got a cute phone strap on last weekend's road trip (pictured below) and even today I couldn't resist and got two small (admittedly needed!) items at the store. (゚.゚*)

Anyway, here are the goods: ^^

そして今日も二つのチョッパーグッズを買っちゃった。 (*^^*)
チョッパーオタクになったかも? (*゜Д゜*)
でも、やっぱり可愛いね、チョッパー。 (゚.゚*)


Dec 18, 2010

Haircut! 髪を切った!

So I finally did it. I had a hair appointment booked for the longest time and have been sliiightly worried about it ever since.

However, there was nothing to fear, for I was in the hands of a professional sportscar-owning, 24-loving (as in the TV series) hairdresser of awesomeness!  As some of you may remember, this is the look I was going for. Visual kei inspired, but still easy to pull off in a relatively conservative work environment.

He definitely followed the picture guidelines and seemed to understand what I wanted despite my awful Japanese, although I think he was worried I won't be able to pull off the same amount of volume that, say, Utahiroba Jun can, since my hair is so soft. I have the power of Gatsby though, so I think I'll be okay. ^^

So to CURARE, a big thank you! My hair looks like new (and oh my gawd it needed some help!) and feels a zillion times more versatile than before.

CURAREをすすめよ~ ^^

My stylist's the blurry one in black running away - I like the guy waiting to get his hair done though, look at him wave! ^^ 後ろの黒いを着る人はスタイルストです~ (逃げた!) 後ろの客さん、面白い~

Moi outside the shop

The front, without me gracing its presence. 店の前
 The final result up close:
Overly bright room, but you can see the general shape. なんか大人可愛いっぽい

 I'll put up pics once I've tried styling it a bit, later. ^^

Dec 17, 2010

Road Trip, Part 3 ドライブ、パート3

This post is a part of the Show Me Japan meme, over at Budget Trouble.

Already read Part 1 and Part 2? ^^

パート1パート2もうよんだ? ^^

 I left off at that random rocket/getting lost in Kanoya bit, I believe. Anyway, our next destination (that is, before Sakurajima) was the coast! 垂水 (Tarumizu) to be exact.
鹿屋から、垂水に行った!海を見たかったから。 ^^

Beach!! There was no walkway down to it though. 海だ!

Pretty quiet during the off-season, eh? なんか。。。さびしい。

A cave! Had it been a more appropriate season, we may have checked it out. o.O 洞窟!行ってみたい~

We hung out there for all of 10 minutes or so, and were about to check a recycle shop (=secondhand store) if it weren't for the funky smell and totally cluttered/dusty/cramped entrance blocking any sort of smooth entry into the building. I'm adventurous, not suicidal. ^^;

And then off again! It seems we were heading in the right direction anyway:

Dec 16, 2010

Weekly Update Thing

Well apparently it's that time again! Thursday! The usual "I should be at the library studying because it's open late but I'm not" day. So at least I'm being "good" by writing a blog post, right. Right? Right!

Sooooo let's start off with some

Music News (and reminders):

  •  雅-MIYAVI-has posted more Europe dates for his 2011 World Tour, including Sweden, Finland, Italy and more.
  • the Gazette released their new single "PLEDGE" yesterday, which is also the same song for the GemCEREY x theGazettE collab jewellery commercial. While I've already mentioned this, I should add that since last week they've added photos of the band (Does anyone else think Uruha's shoulder pads look like they could take someone's eye out?)  as well as a longer clip of the CM. (Also relevant but not as interesting, I've managed to mostly memorize the track and sang it at karaoke last night. ^^)
  • Tomorrow is Matenrou Opera's MJP TV debut! Starting at 9pm on the MJP website's top page, you'll be able to watch a free, live interview with the band from anywhere in the world. Incidentally, they're also making their major debut next month as well.
  • The now regular SCREW TV will be back with volume 4 on Monday. As usual, MJP top page, free, live and at 9pm.
  • Golden Bomber are releasing their "2010 Shimohanki Best" (Shimohanki = 下半期 = second half of the year) album on January 6th. It's already available for pre-order at LAWSON (<-I love that place, and since I get most of my concert tickets via them I'm racking up points like you would not believe. Mwahaha!)
  • Golden Bomber's vocalist Kiryuin Sho will be hosting the radio program "All Night-NIPPON" starting next year as well - looking forward to that one. ^^
  • Darvish Kenji's photo blog entries are always, what's the word...interesting. (Not exactly news, but I still had to share. ^^) (And Utahiroba Jun is looking adorable today at Namba Hatch)
  • More Golden Bomber - They'll be on TV on the 28th...although actually the 29th at 2.30am.
  • As for ダウト (D=OUT), they'll be on my faaaaaaavourite TV show here, 人格ラヂオの咲け~バンギャル!! (Jikaku Radio - Sakebandgirl), also airing on the 29th of Dec
  • DaizyStripper will be releasing a live album "BIRTH or LIVE?" on Jan 5th. (Tracks taken from theit Nippon Budokan and Shibuya-AX performances in Sept and Oct 2010.)
  • Limitbreak has done a whole big renewal doodah of their website - looking pretty spiffy, check it out here!

Other/Random news: Adam takes blurry pictures. :( (Mascots at a rest stop on Sakurajima)

Other/My News:
  •  There's a One Piece themed restaurant in Ginza now, for a limited period. I am SO there. ^^ (Looking forward to find out what kind of dish Chopper has inspired!)
  • Recently I've been getting back into the theory of language learning, since I feel like I've actually gotten worse since before I started studying for my exam. Because of 'test study', I'd forgotten the basic rules I usually follow as well as suddenly aiming for perfection (which is not going to happen in any language, even your native one).
  • It's cold. Insanely cold. I currently wear one kairo on my back at work, but am considering upping it to two. One of my coworkers wore THREE every day - two on her back and one on her stomach. I miss insulation.
  • I discovered this blog last week. It's pretty funky - a Swedish ギャル男 (gyaru-o) in Tokyo. He takes a lot of fun pictures, including one of this guy, who I am now in love with. So. Adorable.
  • Am getting my hair cut for the first time since returning to Japan on Saturday. Slightly nervous, to say the least. I've been putting it off far too long and my hair's really damaged, but... well. Fingers crossed.
  • Next Saturday is of course Christmas Day, but I'll be going to the big TKY for some fun times. I'm missing out on the LUNA SEA LUNACY/Holy Night event sadly as I couldn't get a ticket, but am already making alternative plans since I'm just that awesome. ^^ **Edit/Update: Apparently there were over 500 000 applications for 50 000 tickets, so I feel a bit better now - I thought the odds were better. ;)
And that's it for this week! There's more interesting stuff I want to mention, but I'll save that for some later posts. ^^ Have a good one!

Dec 14, 2010


the GazettE's new single "PLEDGE" will be released tomorrow. Thanks to the awesomeness of, I received my copies (yes, sadly not a typo ;P) about 10 minutes ago. O(≧∇≦)O

嬉しい~ O(≧∇≦)O
(そして見るも~PVとLIVE DVDもあるから~)

Dec 13, 2010

Road Trip, Part 2 ドライブ、パート2


Yesterday I started the road trip story with a trip to a small shrine in Tsukino. The next leg of the journey is not even close to being cultural. We finally made a decision though, and decided we'd set forth to Sakurajima! (You know that big volcano I mentioned last week?)

Before we got that far, I found they started selling NICO NICO DOUGA wafers!! ニコニコ動画(菓)ウエハース!はじめて見た!面白いそう~
 Nico Nico Douga is a popular video sharing site in Japan. Nico Nico = onomatopoeia (on-mim) for smiling and Douga = video/moving image. In this case they've changed the second character, meaning 'picture' and replaced it with the character for 'fruit', since it's not a movie, it' (The reading also changes from Douga to DouKa.)

This is what it looked like inside. Chocolate flavour ftw. チョコ、イェイ!あぁ、ちょっとが落ちた。 (・_・*)

裏に面白い事が書いたけど、撮らなかった~ ^^;
These cards were inside. There's stuff written on the back which is quite amusing, but I couldn't be bothered taking pictures of that as well. ^^;


But this post isn't supposed to be (only) about snacks. So keep reading to find out where we went/what we did. ^^