About Me/また自分の話かい!?

aka: ”Oi, who are you?”

  • Who? Scatterbrained, lulzy, creative and easygoing.
  • Place of Origin: Long story, next!
  • Bloodtype: B (Think this isn't important? You've not been in Japan long enough. ^^)
  • The three things that keep me going (apart from the usual "love", "friends" and "family/the dog" whatnot): Music, Fashion, Books (and then there's Golden Bomber <3)
  •  Hobbies: Listening to music, travelling, reading books, not taking life too seriously, petting the Softbank Otousan mascot, finding and falling in love with random Chopper merchandise.
  • Blog genre: Personal thoughts/Life in Japan/Music/Fashion/Lulz

Want to know more about me? Try reading the blog! Or, for a more serious description of who I am and what I'm up to, keep scrolling down.

Suit her, don't they? 似合ってますね~



  •  誰:おっちょこちょいなのんびりyやです~。日本に住んでる外国人の女の人。よろしく!
  •  出身地: なかなか長い話だよ。
  • 血液型:やっぱりB型 だねw
  •  好きな物:海!、キムチ、ファッション、音楽(特にロック)、チョッパー、まる(柴犬の!)、スナフキン、ゴールデンボンバー ♡
  • 趣味:読書、音楽、旅行、ライブ、ドラマと映画もをみること、命をまじめに受け取らないこと、チョッパーグッズを見つけるなど・・・
  • ブログジャンル: 自分の変な考え/日本の生活/色々

私の事もっとしりたいんっすか? ブログを読むべきだ!


Ignoring my self-depreciating self introduction above, here's a selection of my more serious pursuits:

  • Editor-in-Chief for trick/rock.
  • Co-producer and scriptwriter of the podcast NandeyanenPod (currently undergoing redevelopment/hiatus)
  • Official Fuji Rock Festival Blog Team Member '11 and '13
  • Freelance writer, translator (Swe-Eng) 
  • Author of the blog you're reading now
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