Mar 26, 2012

Once Upon a Time... 昔々あるところに...



So, since I've not been updating much (or at all), I've managed to collect a few thousand photos (perhaps 1,000 during the one week my dad was visiting during New Year's) and a number of bizarre (because that's simply what my life is like) stories as well. They'll be all mixed up in terms of topic and chronological order, but bear with me. It might be worth it. 
Anyway - to start with, let's talk about January 23rd - the (first!) day of epic snowfall in Tokyo. There was a second one just recently, but I was pretty grumpy about that particular one, so photos are sparse and slightly crappy. I do remember demanding someone make a snowman, but that's neither here nor there.

Onto the story...

昼間に雨が降って、あたしは新しい傘を買ってに行った。いつもどこか忘れてしまうのでT-T Early afternoon: bought an umbrella because of the rain. I always manage to lose/forget mine somewhere.

And after work, I trundled through the RAIN...雨で歩いて...(*´Д`)

良いところに着いた!O(≧∇≦)O And arrived at one of my favorite cafes.
Home time and... the rain had turned to snow! 雨は雪になってしまった、何ー!?ヾ(゜д゜)ノ
降ってる、降ってる♪(*゜∇゜*)♪ It's snowing♪
ウニットの前でも、降ってる~ (・∀・)Outside Daikanyama Unit, it's snowing♪
傘を持ってる、雪が降ってる~♪ └(o゚∀゚o)┘That umbrella's turning white, it's snowing♪
降ってる、カメラが揺れてる~♪((^_^)) Camera's shaking, it's snowing ♪
降ってる、大変になってる~♪ヾ(≧ε≦ヾ)Going to be a pain getting home

降ってる、怪しいことをやめよ!(><)/ ああ。あたしか?w (*゜∇゜;*) Doing dodgy stuff in the snow...
降ってる~♪見えないけど、すごいドウ顔してるよσ(゚ー^*) www Very proud of myself.
降ってる~沖縄料理の店だからおかしい~♪ヾ(´▽`)ノ And it just feels weird that this Okinawan restaurant is covered in snow...
降ってる~♪ かわいい店も雪だらけだよ~ Works well with this one though!
降ってる、降ってる♪ 景色はきれいになってる~♪ So pretty♪ ヽ(∇⌒ヽ)
降ってる、降ってる♪ けど、この景色一番綺麗だろう~?♪ But not as pretty as us ヽ(*’-^*)

すみません、馬鹿な話だ~w (v^ー°)

The End.

Okay, enough silliness. It snowed and the Swede in me couldn't resist getting overexcited about it, despite many attempts to avoid it. ><;

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