Jul 21, 2011

Coffee Streamer Company

Have I mentioned that I love coffee before? Ahh, it may have cropped up once or twice, right? Well that's okay, because I believe coffee loves me too. I truly do.But unlike most couples, in the heat of summer, our love affair stagnates. Yes, sad but true. I still love coffee, but it's just too hot to handle. And should it decide to cool down and get icy...well, that's okay too, but... it's just not the same. We have our issues, we're working through them. One solution though, since straight on the rocks doesn't really do it for me, is to go latte. Being slightly lactose intolerant this is still not an ideal solution - but as it turns out, if it's an Iced Revolver Latte from Coffee Streamer Company, then there's still hope for our relationship.

暑いけど、 氷で、味が変わるので、気持ちも冷たくなるね。(ノД`)・゜・。
だから良かった、Cafe-MasterのおかげでCoffee Streamer Companyというカフェを見つけた~
Iced Revolver Latteはこんな大変な暑さでぴったり!(v^ー°)

I'd had the place recommended through Cafe-Master and went there for the first time the other day for a business catch up with Miss Wave. Incidentally, we totally didn't behave. Loved it there, though.
The place not only has delicious ice lattes, but also really really cute proper latte art hot coffees (will try one next time), a stylish interior, decent levels of aircon, free wi-fi, yummy cakes and really friendly staff.
Although all of the above factors are reason enough to go back, it's probably the free wi-fi that will cause me to move in there. Sorry in advance, guys. (^^; )
先日、Miss Waveと一緒に行った:打ち合わせのために。
でもね、名物 はホットラテのラテアートっす。
いい感じじゃん! (*≧▽≦)b

旦(-^ )頂きます♪ Ready for noms, recommended by staff (当日のスタッフのおススメ!)

o口(・∀・ ) おいしそうね?美味しかったよ! Delish.

More cakes またケーキ!

オシャレ、オシャレ! The clientele match the stylish interior, better dress up ;)

Apart from the incredibly cool name and delicious contents, one of the key points of the Revelover Latte is the glass mug it's served in. I desperately wanted one. Or, you know, 5 of them. Thankfully you don't have to smuggle them under your shirt on the way out (because let's face it, that's a mean feat in current hot and muggy conditions - not wearing enough fabric to cover the darned thing) because they sell them there at the cafe. Let the collecting begin.
They also sell other goods like original design t-shirts etc, but they don't ship internationally, sorry.
Ice Revolver Latteのキーポイントはもちろんコーヒーの美味しさだけど、もうひとつがるよ。
欲しいな <3

Want! かわいい~

<3 〔I love you〕∠(-ω-V*)ニャン

Oh noes. I can haz some moar? なくなっちゃった! ( _ _ )..........o

Oh, I guess you'll need some "useful" info and stuff. You can find Coffee Streamer Company here:

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But don't take my seat, or we'll be Having Words.
まだ決めてない~( ̄ー+ ̄)

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