Mar 30, 2011

Pass me the tarp please?

Blue's fine, but if you have one in pink, I'd appreciate it.

I've arrived in Tokyo and despite appearances (i.e. the fantastic view from a wobbling 14th floor. No really, it's totally wobbling. I'm getting kinda dizzy) I am temporarily homeless.
Buuuuut, better homeless and living in style than with a home that's overrun with filth and with a complete lack of organisation/planning/common sense.

So if anyone has any offers or tips or knows anyone who needs a room mate (pref in West/SouthWest area of Tokyo. I may be homeless, but I'm still fussy), or where I can get some sturdy tarp to set up my own little homeless shelter in a park, I'd like to know.

Email me, leave a comment and wish me luck for my job interviews tomorrow. ;)

P.S. Despite the odd turn of events I am elated over being back in Tokyo and all the cute boys are definitely good mood boosters. ^^)b

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