Mar 3, 2011

GB Nico Highlights 2011.02.11 金爆のニコラヂ

なんか、広そう、なんでだろう? (・_・?) Looks a bit less cramped than usual. I wonder why?

Ahh, our host for the evening, Kyan Yutaka! 今晩のパーソナリティーは喜屋武さんだ~ \(^ ^)/

あれ?そうだ!キリショーは海外なので、スカイプで出る! でも・・・寝てる?Σ(~∀~||;) Kiryuin Sho was in Austria and Germany for two weeks, and appeared on the show via Skype. But uhh, he doesn't look quite...ready?

Gotta love the "old man" high waist elastic waistband pants! Very sexy. うわ!セクシーなオジズボン!さすがキリショー!(゚∀゚*)

キリショー、すっぴん!見せてだめだよ!!!(,,#゚Д゚):∴;'・,;`:While he's away, the boys will play. You can't show his face without make up, nooo!!! ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

...Yeah that's not going to help. Plus, that's rude!!! えとね、もう・・・しかも、遅い!( p_q)

研二さん!!!何をしてるの?!(ノ_・。) Look closely. the...back.

Whee, Utahiroba Jun! ワイ~じゅんじゅん!ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ
Nooooo!!!!! Again!!? ダメダメダメ!!!(/ω\)

So every week these boys get a theme and have to tell a personal story from their lives related to it. Viewers then voted who had the toughest/best/most whatever according to the topic. This week's theme: "Worst Travel Experience/Incident".
Kyan did his too, but it was about his mother, which is unfair! ;P

今回のテーマは・・・「旅行では、誰が一番大ピンチ?」 o(>< )o o( ><)o

研二は小学生頃一人で遊園地で遊んだ!ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノε=ε=ε= Kenji ran amok alone at theme park back when he was in elementary school. :P
Back in middle school, Utahiroba Jun and some friends pitched a tent in the middle of a uni rugby team's practice field/pitch. The team was less than pleased when they found them there. 中学生の時、じゅんじゅんはラグビーのフィールドでテントを張った・・・(°Д°;≡°Д°;)
キリショーの話は・・・は・・・分かるかな?( ̄~ ̄;) As for Kiryuin Sho's story... maybe you can guess what his problem was?
寂しそうね・・・o(;△;)oAwwww, he looks so sad and lonely, over there in the scary land of Austrians.
But onto the best part of the show, where people write in and ask the members to do/experiment/try what they themselves don't dare/aren't stupid enough to do.
This week's request/question: "How many headbangs can you do in 30 seconds?"
Utahiroba Jun and Kiruin Sho are the pros, so they end up getting volunteered.
「ヘドバンは何回できる?? (30秒で)」
00000!d(^_^) (That's a pedometer incase you can't tell)

Ready to go, "Akihabara Style" よし、行くぜー!(´0ノ`*)

落ちた!ペドメーターが落ちた!当たり前だろう!(`ー´) Oops, pedometer fell after one headshake. Well doooh, you've gotta hold it!

振ってる振ってる振ってる!かっこいいぃぃぃぃ!! じゅんじゅん、かっこいすぎる!゚*☆*゚(≧▽≦)゚*☆*゚Shakeshakeshakeshake! Hawt.

Result: 30 seconds, 88 times!! Holy *crap*! Well, he is a pro. ^^ 88回!(*^ー^) 
Incidentally, the following week Jun mentioned he tried again at home (because that's what you do, right!?) and he managed to get up to 103 headbangs in 30 seconds!
キリショーもやってみた、ウィーンのホテルで(おかしくないの??)結果は・・・67回!(°∀°)b Kiryuin Sho gave it a shot too at his hotel in Vienna... again, because that's what you do, right? :P Result: 67 times!

New concert dates released, still a chance for me to get a ticket, whee! チケットをゲット、まだチャンスがある! イェイ!(^人^)

なんでやねん!グラジャ???(;^ω^A Not a brassiere, but...glassiere... Yeah, works better in Japanese.
Next time - Kiryuin Sho is back in the studio! What's in store for them then I wonder? ^^;

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