Nov 7, 2010

SCREW TV Vol 1, 2 and 3

SCREW have certainly been active in the online livestreaming world of late. The first installment of SCREW TV on the 28th of September turned out to be a huge success, with added extras such as behind-the-scenes photos and a post-broadcast extra interview released shortly thereafter.

SCREW Vol. 2 was aired almost exactly a month later, on the 29th of October. This turned out to be hugely popular as well, but unfortunately I missed it due to other commitments. However, lucky for me (and perhaps you too!), Vol.2 is being re-aired tomorrow, (Monday) the 8th of November at 11am JST. Lucky me, because normally I'd be working. Somehow it managed to coincide with an unexpected day off, hurrah! I'll be parked in front of my computer under my kotatsu with a cup of genmaicha - and so should you! Well, preferably underneath your own kotatsu; mine's taken. ^^

As if that weren't enough, musicJAPANplus has also announced that SCREW TV Vol. 3 will be aired on Monday, November 29th, at 9pm JST. As with the other installments, it will be aired on the musicJAPANplus top page. You can send in your questions and comments via the forum until then, and via mJp's Twitter live on the day as well.

And of course if SCREW ain't your thing, you can always vote for a different artist/band to participate in MJP TV.

Happy watching! ^^

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