Nov 6, 2010

指宿を襲った! Assault on Ibusuki!

昨日指宿に行ったと言うか (^^;)
ひとつの温泉のお客様、ごめんね。m(_ _)m

Well, not so much an assault, but certainly a lightning visit. I drove down (and got stuck in traffic in Kagoshima city; I should have known better and stayed on the highway for longer but...) and on the way I got kind of lost and had to ask for directions at this (fantastic looking!!!) onsen. I think I rather alarmed a couple of the guests though, so apologies for that. I'm definitely going back there for a proper onsen visit one day, it looked fantastic!


良く話して、食べて、もっと話して、 もっと食べてしたよ~  (^~^) o口(・∀・ )

ラリー ドライバーみたいな。
カッケー、あたし!! O(≧∇≦)O


So why Ibusuki, you wonder? Well, my Japanese teacher (from when I was living in Osaka) was doing a bit of travelling with her friend Ricky and was staying there, so I decided to 'drop by' for dinner. I'm sure a 3 odd hour drive can still be considered 'dropping by', at least by Swedish standards. (^^)

Actually I'm really rather stubborn, because I probably should have stayed the night somewhere there, or on the way back. But... it's still a 'short' drive in my way of thinking, plus I knew there'd be zero traffic... So I headed back that same night. I'm kinda proud of myself! I would never have even considered a drive like that a couple of years ago, but this time it didn't even phase me. I must be turning into my Dad.

Oh, that and route 10 is *so* much fun! It's like a rally course with lots of hills and curves! Probably a killer for a little car like mine, but it's still a great drive. ^^

Regardless.  Had a wonderful time just talking and eating and talking and eating and eating.... (^^;) I'm so happy I could make it down there to meet them!

Anyway, here are the pictures!

ここで食べた~ This is where we ate!

いい感じだよね~ Pretty nice place

いいね~ And more pretty pictures

こちらだ! And this is where it was, with contact info and everything. ^^


But of course, the most important thing is the food:

最初に、刺身サラダ For starters, a sashimi salad

きのこスープ、フォアグラが入ってる、イェイ! Then mushroom cream soup with foie gras

温泉サイダー、可愛いラベルです ね~ Oh yeah, and I had (non-alcoholic) cider. The label's really cute, isn't it!
でも、なんじゃこりゃ!! 日本にもネッシいるよ! But what's this!? o.O (They also have a Nessie :P)

美味しい魚!名前もう忘れちゃったけど・・・ This was sole, I believe!

これ!これだ!一番美味かった!牛肉と豚肉と大根とマスタードソース!ウメー! All of the dishes were fantastic, but this was positively amazing. Beef, pork on Japanese radish with a mustard sauce. Positively mouthwatering, even now.

りんごパイとアイス!凄く美味しかった!もう限界だったけど An apple tart with vanilla ice cream. Also delicious, but I'd about reached my limit at that point. ^^;

美味しいワインそうです。もちろん、私は運転したから、何も飲まなかった。残念!でもラベルはステキね~! Apparently a lovely (dry) red wine. I don't know since I couldn't drink (I was driving, remember?), but the label's beautiful.

隣の旅館、白水館。スゲー和風な感じな~ The place next door. Very big and very traditional in style.

ああー、だめだ、あたし。宮崎のおみやげは玄関にあったよ。 忘れちゃった~ ごめんなさい!m(_ _)m  Erm... I forgot both the souvenirs I was going to give as well as the road maps... Sorry!!

アイルランドのおみやげを貰った、ありがとうリッキさん~! ^^  But I did receive chocolates all the way from Ireland. Lucky! Thanks, Ricky! ^^ 

また今度ね~ (*≧▽≦)

 As I mentioned, I had a fantastic time. So thank you so much sensei! And thank you Ricky! Until next time, wherever that may be! (*≧▽≦)

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